“This book is full of all kind of wonderful information to help get you out of a DR. office and into a life that will help you keep yourself well. Lots of powerful information, lots of great chapters. Wake up calls that are great for you.”

— Blogger

“I also found support for something I’ve believed for a long time:

Being optimistic and experiencing good things to happen relates to better health. Positive emotions help us to develop hardiness and resilience (the ability to transcend out challenges) when they are firmly grounded by self-awareness and acceptance.

This book is definitely a keeper!”

— Devin Lind

“Dr. Ferguson made me a believer in the connection of mind, body and spirit to our optimal health and well-being. She presents the science that supports this claim. No longer do I just believe that the mind, body and spirit are connected to health and well-being, but now I know they are connected.

Super Healing is an excellent read. I enjoyed that Dr. Ferguson shares stories from her life and how those experiences made her who she is today.Knowing how to create optimal health and well-being is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.Optimal health and well-being is more than just being physically healthy. It is about engaging the your mind, body and spirit so you achieve superhealing.

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to read Super Healing and to also connect with a phenomenal woman, doctor, teacher and mentor.”

— Evelyn Parham

“Reading Superhealing was one of my most enjoyable reading experiences for so many reasons. Aside from the fact that the book is flowing and easy to read, as well as real and practical, it is simply put a beautiful book. There are books that present fantastic information, and then there are books that lovingly impart transformational knowledge to us. The latter is the case when it comes to Superhealing for not only does it cover comprehensively and extensively every aspect necessary for attaining a complete understanding of health, but it also does it in a beautiful way. The wording the author chose and how she expresses herself throughout the book, including the scientific and educational overlay, are all presented from a core of love and compassion. No matter what disease you may have, the author offers tangible hope and empowerment, from beginning to end, that you CAN heal.”

— Evita Ochel

“After reading your extraordinary work, I need a whole dictionary of adjectives to convey my reactions!! It is scholarly, instructive, provoking, uplifting, reassuring, caring and revealing! It has a marvelous balance between study and knowledge on the one hand and an invitation to join the party on the other. Given the things I have seen in health care in America – in my early years growing up; as a health center director, a hospital trustee, advisor to premed and medical students, faculty, government officials at the local, state and national levels and as a confidant to scores of physicians — the value of your writings is so obvious to me. I can only hope that the book is vigorously marketed in every sector of the population.”

— Levi Adams, Biochemicst, Vice President Emeritus,
Brown University

“I must say your book blew me away. I never thought of the mind like this before and now I know how my husband made it through an illness that only four Canadians had. He was the only one to survive. He said through his illness that he absolutely refused to die!!! Your book brought this back to me and I now know that without Danny‚Äôs mind/body system I would have been a widow 10 years ago. Thank you for this magnificent book!”

— Yvonne Higham

“This wonderful book helps to gain perspective as to which areas need to be addressed in order to obtain optimal health.”

— Normal Ellis